RADAAR's social media Calendar feature

RADAAR—The Ultimate Social Media Management Tool for Agencies and Freelancers

I tried RADAAR to see if we could use it to manage our clients’ social media profiles and it did not disappoint.

As a digital marketing agency for accommodations, we value social media as one of the key ways to help our clients connect with travelers and expand their footprint. The lodging industry is competitive (to say the least), and it’s always good to have new tools and software that can make it easier to manage our clients’ accounts more effectively.

RADAAR promises to do just that, by enabling you to manage Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn from a single dashboard. It’s a one-stop platform to help you post to all of your social media accounts, engage with followers, and even schedule your posts ahead of time using their built-in calendar. This might sound too good to be true, but after playing around in the dashboard and using it for the past few days, I can’t imagine going without it.

Scheduling Your Posts

RADAAR's social media Calendar feature
It’s easy to schedule posts using RADAAR’s built-in monthly calendar.

The Scheduler comes with a full calendar that lets you quickly schedule posts, view and edit scheduled posts, and visually plan out your posts for the next few days, few weeks, or even months in advance! Every serious social media manager needs to have a plan of action, and RADAAR allows you to do just that. You can combine your posts, and send them to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn at once, or you can schedule posts separately for each of your profiles. Editing previously scheduled posts couldn’t be easier, and you can even duplicate posts in just one click. Forget about having to post to each of your profiles separately; with RADAAR, you’ll never have to again.

Managing Follower Engagement

RADAAR user engagement feature
RADAAR’s Inbox feature for messages, comments, and mentions.

RADAAR’s Inbox feature is like Gmail for social media comments. It gives you an email-inspired unified inbox you can use to view and reply to direct messages and comments from all of your profiles. Gone are the days where you would check each of your client’s profiles and reply to direct messages one by one. Instead, you will have access to every comment, every DM, and be able to keep up with your followers in real-time.

Workspaces for Everyone

RADAAR Workspaces feature
It’s easy to switch between workspaces on RADAAR

Another neat feature is the ability to have different workspaces for each of the brands that you’re managing. This makes it easy to keep your social media work organized and uncluttered. With each workspace, you will get a new instance of the scheduling calendar, so that you only see posts that belong to a particular brand or client. You will also have a separate inbox that makes it easy to respond to comments and messages for that brand.

Collaboration that Feels Natural

Collaborating on RADAAR social media manager
Inviting a teammate is easy, simply enter their email address and click ‘Invite’.

RADAAR makes it easy to manage social media profiles as part of a team! Invite your teammates to any of your Workspaces and they will have immediate access to the profiles you’ve added. It makes it easy to collaborate with anyone, including clients who may want to review scheduled posts.

Shortened Links

RADAAR's url shortener feature
RADAAR’s URL shortener feature

Creating shortened links and managing them has never been easier. RADAAR gives you the ability to create an unlimited number of links, then come back and update them as needed.

Additional Features

Password Management

RADAAR's Passbook feature
RADAAR enables you to store social media passwords that belong to each workspace.

RADAAR comes with a password management feature called Passbook, which lets you store your social media logins for easy retrieval later on. It adds a new level of convenience for those who want to manage several profiles or anyone who doesn’t have a password manager.


Social media tasks on RADAAR
Manage your social media tasks on a beautiful Kanban board.

It makes sense to keep social media tasks in one place, and it makes perfect sense for that place to be your RADAAR dashboard. After all, this is where you will spend your afternoons creating and planning your posts. RADAAR’s simple Tasks feature lets you view your assignments on a Kanban board, so you stay productive and on-target with your social posts.


If you manage multiple social media accounts, this a must-have tool for you and your team. RADAAR is beautiful and comes packed with game-changing features that will make you wish you had found it sooner. All around, this software is a pleasure to use and continuously saves us time. We’ve switched to using RADAAR as our go-to social media management software, and it’s been a dream ever since. The developers have done a fantastic job, and I can’t wait to see where they go next

Cheers to the team at RADAAR!

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